Seminar at New Rochelle High School

Last month, as part of our continuing series of information seminars, Misael Sanchez, our Founder and Director, held a tutorial at New Rochelle High School in Anthony Stirpe’s film class. Under the heading “Fundamentals Of Lighting,” the wide-ranging session covered the following areas: Situating Your Lights (where to put them); Appropriate Equipment (matching tools to project scale); Creativity (making the most of materials on hand); and Lighting As Story Element (incorporating lighting as a story element). IMG_6366Also touched upon was the subject of choosing the right college that led to Misael engaging in a one-on-one with a student concerning methods of researching options and making the best decision. The reaction to the seminar was, according to two attendees, highly positive. Rebecca Dubin said, “I had so much fun . . . I learned so much. Thank you, Misael,” and Megan Maria stated, “I am currently trying to figure out exactly which area of film I want to study when I get to college. This was an amazingly informative session. After talking to Misael, I have a clearer picture of the areas of film that interest me. I am more excited than ever.” An overview and the effectiveness of the seminar was offered by teacher Anthony Stirpe: “I teach film to ninth and twelfth graders in New Rochelle, New York. When looking for a group to partner with, it was clear the International Film Institute of New York was the best in town. I was amazed with the significant experience that Misael Sanchez created for my students. It was a fantastic hands-on seminar, and the students were enthralled with his exciting and dynamic presentation. I hope that this is the beginning of something great! I can’t wait to have them back again to work with my students.” Further seminars are definitely in the future. As Donella Alanwick, Managing Director commented, “It’s always great when we have the opportunity to visit schools and meet students who are looking to further their studies in film and media.”

College Mentorship Seminar Held In January

IMG_5444On the evening of Wednesday, January 14th, IFI held a free, thanks to the sponsorship of Abel Cine, College Mentorship Seminar with the aim, as Misael Sanchez, Founder and President, stated, “To help young filmmakers make informed decisions that can affect their entire academic experience. The fact is a bit of information goes a very long way when deciding on film schools especially with tuition and related expenses bring what they are.”

The components of the seminar, along with several parenthetical comments by attendees, consisted of an overview of the script to screening production process (“Looking forward to making films”-Elizabeth), a summary of the differences between West Coast and East Coast filmmaking (“I was enlightened about certain misconceptions I had coming in”-Rachel), the professional elements of an application portfolio, an essential list of what NOT to do on an application, and fundamentals to consider once a student has been accepted and how to make the best use of time in a program (“I found everything so helpful. You answered even questions that I didn’t have. Thank you so much for coming up with this seminar”-Angeliki”)

In retrospect, the seminar was a ringing success since the endeavor, as Donella Alanwick, Managing Director, avowed it “gave students a invaluable sense of control over the application process.” Plans for further seminars are in the works.