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Rona Mark, IFI teacher and Independent filmmaker, has been creating thought-provoking work for over fifteen years. A graduate of the Columbia University MFA Filmmaking program, Mark has written and directed seven films, three features and four shorts. Mark is known for her independently unique style, breaking stereotypes of the ’typical’ female filmmaker with her advanced understanding of horror and sci-fi genres. Although when asked if she could think of any instance when being a woman influenced her career, Mark commented, “I don’t view myself as a “Woman Filmmaker,” although I am very happily a woman. I see myself as a “Rona Mark” filmmaker.”

On top of her impressive writing-directing resume, Mark teaches film at Sarah Lawrence College and has been fairing incredibly well in the film festival circuit. Mark recently won the Cinequest Film Festival 60-Minute Teleplay contest with her script “Brookyln Bus.” In a Premise and Plot Blog interview, Mark explained, “I’ve been writing for a while, but I had not entered a screenwriting competition in several years. I usually enter these things (contests) impulsively and then instantly try to forget about them. Once I enter a competition or a festival, and the decision is out of my hands, I try and move on; start the next project.” Marks next project seems to be post production on her short, Dream Work, a horror film, one of Marks specialty genres.

Click here for the link to the full interview from Premise and Plot, should you want to read more about Mark’s impressive career. We’re incredibly proud to have her in the IFI family, congratulations Rona!