The International Film Institute was created to provide an intensive and comprehensive training in the art and craft of cinematic story telling. Workshops in screenwriting, directing, editing, and producing lead to the making by each student of his or her own short film and working in various capacities on each others films.

In addition to the technical disciplines and aesthetic principles of filmmaking which will be taught and discussed, students will be able to watch and discuss classic films to get a sense of the historical context in which motion pictures are woven into our society.

Filmmaking – narrative, documentary or experimental – is a collaborative endeavor and students at the IFI will learn the crafts of cinema, as well as the skill of collaboration; lessons that will serve them in the filmmaking industry.

TEACHING… Our goal at the IFI is to provide a high quality education in all aspects of filmmaking including but not limited to screenwriting, directing, editing, cinematography, and producing. The intensive, hands–on nature of our classes provide a firm foundation for students who intend to pursue professional careers in the motion picture or television industry or those who intend to go on to graduate school. Our small class size of fifteen, guarantees each student an appropriate amount of one on one time with faculty. Please note we are a non-degree program.  Taking a workshop on this kind does not imply or guarantee employment.

FACULTY… We believe that the quality of the instruction team is the key element in providing the best possible learning experience. Accordingly our faculty includes award winning working professionals who pass on their academic knowledge, and share their real world experience as well.

CURRICULUM… While our programs emphasize content over equipment, the IFI believes it is important to understand the tools of the industry. The five-week workshop is designed around up to date technologies rather than outmoded systems still taught in other film schools and workshops.

GUIDANCE… We will provide one-on-one guidance to help students advance their film career, whether they choose to continue on to graduate school or seek employment in the film industry.Our intensive, hands on program, takes the student from concept to final screening while working on the practical steps in between.

While technology changes every time we turn around, the rules of good Storytelling have remained the same for five thousand years. We don’t choose to see a movie because of the camera it was shot with; we go because of the story, the actors, the director, or even the producer.

The IFI focuses instruction on the art and craft of storytelling.

In the world of filmmaking, it is often said that “who you know” is as important as “what you know”. While The IFI believes that what you know is the most important aspect of your career in filmmaking, it’s always beneficial to learn from the masters of the art, and to meet and interact with established filmmakers. The IFI’s faculty is comprised of award-winning, industry professionals who teach at leading film schools, including Columbia University and New York University.

Comparable programs contain additional or hidden costs (e.g. equipment, film, processing, editing); The International Film Institute of New York has no hidden costs. Our tuition covers all equipment and materials related to the workshop, including  HD Cameras, lighting packages, and editing equipment and supplies. The only out-of-pocket expenses you incur are the extra, optional components of your short film– e.g. costume rental, professional actors, and scenery– all of which The IFI helps you to find.  We recommend bringing your own external Hard Drive to take away your film files at the end of the program.

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