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A great Video on Cinematographers.

The Cinematographer

Even though this video makes it look like do or die without the DP, the reality of it is that the work of the image is a complete collaboration between everyone involved in the making of the project.  From Producer to Production Assistant, everyone is key to making it happen. Of course, that said, there are those individuals that make “Big” decisions about what goes where and what color, but as a DP myself, I know that no one person can take the credit for something as complicated as a film.  No matter what the scope of the project it really does take quite the village to make it all come together.  From student film to Blockbuster, you can’t do it alone.  The more experienced professional knows to listen to his team and respect the work being done around them.  It does not take away their ability to manage and direct, it just takes their ability to create beautiful images to the next level. I love what I do and I love working on sets.  Part of that is the energy and vibe you get when the machine, all the intricate parts moving, chug along smoothly and efficiently with the conductors adjusting the controls effortlessly as the pages come to life.

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